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A lesson from O. L. Phipps, prominent, successful businessman

Business reality from the 20's and 30's as relevant today as it was in the Great Depression and the Oklahoma Dustbowl.

When O. L. Phipps decided to jump into the car business at its outset, selling Ford Model T's, he met a few challenges, not the least of which was doubt and underestimation.

His father, a local grocer, challenged him.  Why would you get into the automobile business? Once you sell a car to everyone in town, well, then you will be out of business! The paradigm at the time, of course, was a wagon. By O. L.s dad's thinking (and many others too), when you sell a wagon to customer, you won’t have that customer again. The wagon lasts for life and needs only self repair for the most part.  Well, a Model T was the same as a wagon just without the horses. So, in his estimation, it was a very bad business to get into.

Fortunately, O. L. didn't listen nor see it that way. He could see the future. With his successes and innovations, he and his wife and 8 children didn’t experience the depression like so many others either.

Then O. L. quickly capitalized on another idea.

Does 1+1 = 3? Well, in a way it can, actually. Two good ideas brought together create value that is greater than the sum of its parts.  This is value
that others seek and differentiate you. O.L. understood this when he started selling Model T’s with the truck bed and cab to be included together as a package. As a result he gained regional – not only great success with market share in the city but also regional leadership and he went on to become one of the most successful Ford dealers in the land. He innvoated his business model to survive through one of the worst economic times in American history - right in the heart of the Oklahoma Dustbowl. His strong business acumen generated revenues from his estate long after.

O. L. has long been an inspiration of this firm. The ongoing commitment of the family in pursuit of growth, innovation and sustainability throughout the course of many ventures and projects in the tradition continued by his grandson Dr. Stephen G. Nelson and Robert G. Nelson his great-grandson and managing director of the firm.  

O. L. Phipps' legacy was to lead to generations of commitment and pursuit of excellence. O. L. had a fun side too. As the younger O. L., he sold Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Of note, the Harley Davidson corporation is a key contributor to the initial academic research on market orientation that is the foundation of the Phipps Nelson market orientation development program.

So, as we say in the tradition of the firm, "What's YOUR wagon"? 

Create your future.

​Don’t be bound by the paradigm of today.

Create. Innovate. Cultivate.

O. L. Phipps