Strategic Performance Advisors

Create. Innovate. Cultivate.

Phipps | Nelson is an elite marketing and strategic advisory firm focused on a unique approach developing superior strategic performance. We are in the business of producing outcomes and sustainably improving our client's situation.

  • We bring together marketing, strategy and organizational development to achieve truly lasting performance.
  • Our unique and differentiated methods and approaches are grounded in scientific research and our own proprietary development.
  • We are passionate about creating high performance business.
  • Using our diversified expertise in the areas of marketing, strategy, business development, operations, program & general management, creative solutions and the sciences, we create customized solutions for our client’s unique and specific needs to make their businesses better.

Our clients are seeking to discover and achieve peak performance, creativeness and efficiency in their businesses through any variety of custom solutions—from simple advisory consulting, executive coaching, strategic, program and market plan development to full outsourcing. We deliver your solution on your terms.

We serve our clients as highly personal, trusted and independent advisors who listen, empathetically at the most involved level. We are passionate, creative and responsive. We bring unique methods and tools and expertise that set us apart from other firms.

We are not just a marketing agency nor are we just firm that provides strategic advice nor are we a management company. We are trusted partners who bring the smarts, tools and effort to bear in collaboration with our client to achieve true outcomes