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Assess & Optimize Organizational Culture & Climate

Team Performance and CONTRIBUTION

Assess & Develop Optimal Strategic Market Orientation

Leadership IMPACT & performance

The Phipps | Nelson Approach Uniquely Deploys Best of Breed, Valid, Data-Driven Methods and Diagnostics and Change Levers to Drive Impact

Creating Performance requires proactively developing and nurturing the right culture, climate and leadership. These are essential parts of our service offering and practice that relate directly to implementation of the holistic strategic performance model. 

At Phipps Nelson, we uniquely and strategically deploy a variety of tools and techniques to help organizations assess and improve for the long-term. These include proprietary methods as well as thoroughly researched and accepted methods developed by industry leaders and academicians like Robert Cooke, PhD and J. Clayton Lafferty, PhD and others such as Dan Denison, PhD, Kim Cameron PhD and Robert Quinn, PhD. 

These and other tools among other tools that allow visualization of the current situation, desired state and progress. It is important to not, however, that we do not just focus on organizational climate. This is often what you find in employee surveys (perceptions). Climate can be addressed in the short term and improvement will contribute to performance but it may ebb away if the deeper issues of culture and leadership are not improved. 

It is truly culture and leadership that must adapt and mature for sustainable results. Even on their own merit, these tools are still only part of the approach to lasting, superior creating strategic performance. The marketing orientation development program is a holistic approach to organizational strategic orientation that has been proven to increase business performance. it is, based on the academic studies, culture first, then results. Also important is implementation of management systems to help assure the right operating rigor and business model innovation needed to remain competitive.

In the  vital area of Organizational Culture, Climate, Leadership and Team Performance, we focus on 4 key areas of targeted assessment and improvement:

The Phipps | Nelson organizational and leadership impact assessment and development program does this in  2 ways:

1) Using the tools to quantify and visualize organizational culture and climate for organizational effectiveness to drive engagement and performance through a programmatic approach. This is where organizational values are brought to life. This is necessary to support the development and implementation of strategies and goal attainment. In addition, this approach utilizes impactful, research-based alternative to employee attitude and opinion surveys for a more complete picture of the case for change and levers for change.

2) Measure and improve the impact of leaders and managers on organizational performance. Using tested instruments, we will quantify the interaction styles of your working groups and how they can work together more effective to achieve synergy when solving problems so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.