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Mid-market companies are distinct and have many unique business challenges because of their size and characteristics that many strategic performance advisors wouldn’t normally consider. These include factors such as as their growth pattern, geographic focus, and ownership. Our mid-market focus and practice is core to the Phipps | Nelson business.

The Phipps | Nelson portfolio of strategic performance and marketing solutions is ideal as adapted for the mid-market business to address a number of specific challenges and opportunities.

Mid-market firms, due to their size and nimbleness are ideal candidates for strategic performance and transformation solutions that will, in our experience, oftentimes,  take effect more quickly and sustain longer than other firm types.

Businesses like these are not easy. The fact is that these companies need help and unique tools and approaches.Building brands, differentiation and rising above the clutter can be challenging. Phipps | Nelson has developed a deeper understanding of the business challenges of mid-market companies and challenges convention to drive transformation.  Phipps | Nelson is the leader committed to supporting and nurturing these companies in order to survive and grow - to make their business better, bigger with brighter future.  Their success is vital to the economy and good for everyone.

  • The great news is that 200,000 mid-market business are driving the US economic recovery and business is booming. 
  • Mid-market business are often very entrepreneurial with innovation as the engine for growth and they are often more sustainable than larger enterprises.
  • A key challenge for growing mid-market firms is gaining scale, size and become more mature companies without stifling culture that fosters innovation and a culture that attracts and keeps top talent.
  • Without some of the key resources and capabilities to help them move from being more agile to now command larger scale and opportunity, key dimensions of the Phipps | Nelson strategic performance model become vital to mid-market success.

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