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  • Integrated Hospital Systems
  • Independent Hospitals
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Physician and Medical Groups
  • Healthcare Services and Technology Companies
  • Medical Societies
  • Healthcare Associations and Trade Groups
  • Long Term Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Assisted Living
  • Hospice
  • Home Health
  • Solo and Multi Practice
  • Chiropractors
  • Dental Groups and Specialty
  • Holistic Provider Practices
  • Speciality Groups
  • Physician Rehab and Therapy
  • Management Companies
  • Healthcare Architecture Firms
  • Health and Wellness Organizations
  • Consumer Facing Service and Product Firms
  • Bio-Tech and Medical Device Firms
  • Emerging Healthcare Firms and Start-Ups and Incubators
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

We all know of the many challenges all participants in this industry are facing: rising costs, decreased reimbursements, increased competition, new regulatory requirements and a continued evolution of the system. Its been that way for a while. It is not going to change. If anything, the pace of change will continue to accelerate.

‚ÄčThe business models of healthcare organizations of all types from solo practice physicians to major healthcare systems to healthcare associations and trade groups to payers are all under siege. Team contribution, leadership impact and a culture of performance are more important now than ever. But they don't happen on their own. They don't happen well unless taken systematically with proven diagnostics, methods and integrated approaches that deliver results.

Change, while unsettling, creates opportunity.

The nimble, strategically agile organizations with a sustainable competitive advantage will be among the winners. There will be winners and losers in these markets.

Whether it is business model innovation or data-driven strategy development and execution, super-smart strategic marketing that leverages big data and technology or changing the culture and strategic orientation of an entire group to improving team contribution and leadership impact, Phipps | Nelson gets the challenges and issues and will help your organization improve its situation for the long term. We are trusted advisors equipped with the methods, techniques, programs and insight to help you succeed differently than ever before.

Phipps | Nelson has its roots in healthcare. Rob Nelson is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a member of many healthcare organizations as well as having led the strategy practice of a large firm in hospital and healthcare consulting. Rob's Doctoral work is in the transformation of hospitals through the development of strategic marketing orientation. But, beyond this, Rob's experience is global in scope and cross-industry and sector -- where things like innovation, technology, customer focus, entrepreneurship have been key and leveraged in healthcare.

What makes Phipps | Nelson different is our unique combination of best of breed and proprietary diagnostics, tools and methods that are tailor-fit to each healthcare client situation together with experience and cross-industry insight.

All of the Phipps | Nelson solution and portfolio capability is relevant to hospitals, providers and other healthcare related organizations because achieving a high degree of strategic performance should be an imperative in every healthcare organization today. The situation demands this today.

Phipps | Nelson - Healthcare

  • The more that the government, competitors, regulators mess the healthcare business model (and your business model)... the more critical high a level of strategic performance is to survival and success.
  • Now is not the time for "random acts of managerial stirring"  and "hope, pray and spray marketing"
  • Phipps | Nelson exists to improve your situation using evidence-based, differentiated methods that move beyond guesswork and the risks of trial and error.