Strategic Performance Advisors

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Welcome to Phipps | Nelson,

This firm exists for one fundamental purpose: to improve our client's situation and build better businesses.  


Our core markets are all vital to a healthy society and economy. As such it is our obligation to advance the high performance, and sustainability of these important businesses for all of our collective good. These enterprises, not-for-profits, designers,  builders, healing institutions are all vital organizations on the backs of whom lives, health,  families, babies, new homes, college educations and life dreams are supported and achieved, every day. This is an obligation I don't take lightly. 

​I've worked in a number of industries and organization types from Fortune 30 to small family-owned business and mid-market enterprise to not-for-profits to internet pre-IPO startup to a island hopping airline to a hospital management company and consulting firm to name a few. Its an impressive list. I've seen and learned a lot during my time -- the good, bad and the ugly. My colleagues and I have paired that experience together with hard-hitting research, development and leveraging best of breed methodologies leveraged in an exclusive way to truly get at tough challenges. I don't view organizations as problems to be fixed. Rather, they are opportunities to seize with potential to unleash.

Businesses are social enterprises that rely fully on the effectiveness of people working constructively, collaboratively in high effective ways to achieve often difficult and challenging goals.  Strategy and marketing are also complex social processes as is leadership, culture and change.

We create value by helping our clients address this complexity beyond the de facto option often taken to move beyond "managerial stirring" and "hope , pray and spray" marketing and strategy. It is my experience that  so much of what leaders and managers do in the absence of better options is to perform "random acts of managerial stirring" and "hope, pray and spray" marketing and strategy.  

In all of my career, I've seen first-hand the debilitating effects of this approach on the organizational performance but also on the lives that are so connected to the organization. This firm's contribution is to have great impact for the positive as trusted strategic performance and marketing advisors that bring smarts, empathy, deep understanding and unique tools, methods,  models and a programmatic approach to build better businesses.

Please let my colleagues and I help you improve your strategic performance; its why we exist and we've put together fabulous programs, methods and smarts and experience to do so.

I am absolutely delighted to work with you. Let's make great things happen together!

Thank you,

Dr. Rob Nelson, MBA, FACHE
​Managing Director